16 March 2016
16 March 2016
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Lennox web portal

Multi sites – Multi units

  • Product family: Controls & Supervision
  • Fonction: Lennox web portal - Multi sites - Multi units

Main applications

  • Cloud storage
  • Remote monitoring

Why this choice?

  • Lennox units remote supervision system (a unique system for several units, installed on various sites)
  • Remote plug and play connection : ethernet (where available) or GSM (elsewhere*)
  • Internet browser interface: Accessible from everywhere, no use of dedicated software to be installed, mobile view optimized
  • On line reading of graphic and data trends
  • Multi-units and plants’ performances and consumptions checked and compared
  • Data collection storage (browser or xls reports)
  • Alarm/alert automatic mailing
  • Lennox units Climatic software upgrading**

General description

LennoxCloud remotely tracks the units operation on the customer site.

Through LennoxCloud, the unit can be remotely controlled, adjusted, or diagnosed by our experts.

LennoxCloud can check (live data trends), optimize (store data analysis) and troubleshoot (alarm/alert reports) customer units.

LennoxCloud allows significant energy savings optimizing performances during all the unit’s life cycle.

Advanced diagnostic & Prognostic option

In order to optimize the installation both increasing the unit performance and decreasing the energy consumption, LennoxCloud solution can be enhanced through the advanced diagnostic & prognostic option.

Through this option, Lennox experts can analyze and follow your installation, improving the performance of your HVAC system, raising appropriate scenari for maintenance and energy savings. It can also provide you periodical reports and diagnostics. In addition to data storage, several options allw optimization of your data management by improving the use of your HVAC system.

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Optimized HVAC engineering scenari
  • Monthly report to customer
  • Savings’ follow-up (on a money point of view)
  • 24h/24h alarm alerts
  • Remote Assistance


* Mobile coverage available almost all over the word
** Operation to be done only in collaboration with Lennox technicians