16 March 2016
17 March 2016
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Polyvalent air cooled heat pump

  • Market segments: Data Center, Hospitals, Hotel, Industry, Non food retail, Office buildings, Process cooling, Shopping malls
  • Product family: Chillers & heat pumps
  • Product range: Air cooled chillers / Heat pumps
  • Cooling (kW): 50 > 320
  • Heating (kW): 50 > 340
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Main applications

  • Small and medium size offi ce buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Administration

Why this choice?

  • Simultaneous and independent cooling and heating needs
  • Free hot water all the year
  • High energy effi ciency
  • Integral hydraulic module equipment with water tank for easy installation

General Description

The AQUA4 range is an air-cooled polyvalent heat pump unit designed for 2 or 4 pipes applications. The AQUA4 unit is a unique concept to reduce our environmental footprint, while conserving and optimizing energy consumption.

AQUA4 P is a 4 pipes unit designed for more thermal comfort with less energy consumption. The polyvalent heat pump AQUA4 P units are developed to meet the requirements of simultaneous and independent cooling and heating needs, in the most efficient way.

AQUA4 M is a 2 pipes units, producing hot water all the year at a lower cost. The polyvalent heat pump AQUA4 M units are designed to meet the requirements of cooling or heating the air conditioning in the most efficient way. The units have the particularity to provide hot water simultaneously or independently of cooling or heating need.