LENNOX EMEA is replacing Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration.

This new designation encompasses all refrigeration and air conditioning activity across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The product brands Friga-Bohn, HK Refrigeration and Lennox remain at the forefront of the industry.

You will no longer say Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration but LENNOX EMEA when referring to all refrigeration and air conditioning activity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa carried out by the LENNOX International group (1). This new name gives validation to a business organization that had already merged its Refrigeration and HVAC activities, almost four years ago now. The progressive transformations which ensued within the organization are now coming to fruition. Against this backdrop, aligning the brand policy was therefore the only thing left to be done. For the group’s executives, this evolution has two primary objectives:

  • To create internal unity and to bring together all of the group’s employees working within the various Lennox entities in Europe.
  • To increase the visibility of the brands – they should be attached to products, linked to sales channels or more corporate in nature.

A survey carried out among customers a year ago has reinforced our view on this”, Olivier Lagrabette, Marketing Strategy Director, explains. The market demanded this clarification, which will be clearly presented at the next Chillventa fair in October in Nuremberg. In the field, customers will continue to work with sales representatives differentiated between refrigeration and air conditioning. These two technically very different areas of activity call for different representatives, especially since the buyers are different too.

Armed with this new strategy, the manager and his teams intend to develop their activity further and to penetrate new markets in Europe.

(1) Note: The Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration name and logo will continue to be used by the other global LENNOX International entities in refrigeration.

A new logo

The new LENNOX EMEA logo is based on that of LENNOX International and is used for all communication promoting the image of the company as a whole (corporate communications). It will never be affixed to the devices.

Strong product brands

  • Friga-Bohn is the group’s designated brand for “refrigeration” products. In France, this brand is primarily focused on the distribution network in partnership with LENNOX EMEA.
  • HK Refrigeration is the brand used (mainly in France and Spain) for the sale of systems for larger prescription projects within the retail sector and the refrigeration industry.
  • Lennox is the brand that covers each of the HVAC applications across all of the group’s target markets. Note that the logo is different to that of LENNOX EMEA. One is associated with the product, while the other represents the name of the organization.

In concrete terms, what is LENNOX EMEA at present?

LENNOX EMEA is the European division of the Lennox International Group in Europe, a major player is the HVAC&R business, throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

LENNOX EMEA is active across the territories covered through local distributors and around ten sales offices (integrated subsidiaries).

On which markets are you available and what is your product offering?

The range of applications covered by our products and solutions is relatively broad in sectors associated with comfort, certain industrial processes, food preservation and more generally, the cold chain.

In HVAC, we offer reversible rooftop air conditioning and air handling systems, a range of chillers, heat pumps and an array of terminals associated with water systems.

In Refrigeration, we manufacture and market commercial and industrial unit coolers as well as condensing plants and units with numerous configurations.

The development focus of the group’s product offering is strongly oriented towards the use of low GWP fluids so that we may offer our customers solutions, which comply with regulatory changes and are environmentally friendly. Similarly, we make a point of working on the energy efficiency of our systems and have our performance validated by accredited organizations, and through the Eurovent certification program.

This is all supported by a structured service organization in the different territories.


We can also proudly claim to design and manufacture in Europe: Our R&D center and our Marketing department are located in Lyon and we have factories in France and in Spain, as well as collaborators in Italy.